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You always have a number of readymade reports at hand

tracezilla provides seven different reports.

Sales report

The sales report provides an overview of the quantities sold per partner, per SKU, per country etc. as well as the revenues generated. The figures are calculated based on the sales orders.

Invoiced report

The invoiced report is very similar to the sales report, but the figures are based on the invoice, not the sales order.

Inventory report

The inventory report will quickly let you know exactly what you have on stock and in which location. 

Inventory valuation report

The inventory valuation sums up the value of your inventory. The report not only includes the goods you have physically in your warehouse, but also the ones that are currently in production or on the way to or from production, on the way to a customer or on the way from a supplier. The goods are technically yours in all these states and are therefore counted as your inventory until the goods are no longer your responsibility.

Traceability report

The traceability report makes it possible to track a lot number back or forward through the production:

  • If your supplier notifies you of a problematic lot that was sold to you, you can track the lot and see which production batches the ingredient is part of. And furthermore to which customers it was sold.
  • If your customer notifies you of a problematic lot, that was purchased from you, you can track the lot back and see from which production batch the lot comes, and which ingredients are part of this batch. Furthermore, you can see which other customers

Cost breakdown report

The cost breakdown report allows you to dive into your cost figures and break it down in a number of different ways. This is an excellent tool to optimize your business and make it more profitable.

Input-output report

With the input-output report, you can generate your input-output accounting for a specific certification scheme, e.g. organic production or fair trade. The report is designed to fit the requirements of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, which are derived from EU legislation.