Transparency is important, and therefore tracezilla is a natural choice for us

Erik Nielsen

production manager, Foodture
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HQ in Denmark
Manufacturing of Tæmpeh

What does Foodture do?

Foodture produces Tæmpeh - a Danish version of the Indonesian tempeh. Tempeh is a plant protein that is made by fermenting organic peas and lupine beans. We manufacture our Tæmpeh from organic ingredients from the Nordic countries and sell to restaurants, canteens, institutions and food services.

Why did you choose tracezilla?

It is important for us to manage the traceability. We produce an honest and sustainable product, which we must be able to document every aspect of, of course. Transparency is important, which is why tracezilla is a natural choice for us.

tracezilla is easy and efficient inventory management of raw materials as well as finished goods and packaging, and it makes many things easier in everyday life.

Which feature matters most to you?

Documentation and traceability mean a lot to us, and the fact that we can generate our mass balance for organic goods automatically. It is core functions in the system that are absolutely essential. But there is great potential in other functions in the system that we have not taken into use yet. It is made so that our company can grow in it - and of course we intend to do so!

Erik Nielsen, production manager, Foodture ApS

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