I feel well prepared with the increasing demands for documentation and transparency among our customers

Morten Hingsberg

owner, Funkisfood
Funkisfood Logo


HQ in Denmark
Muesli, nuts, seeds, kernels, etc.

What does Funkisfood do?

Funkisfood ApS processes and manufactures healthy quality products in the categories muesli, nuts, seeds, kernels and much more. We are a dedicated Private Label manufacturer with sales channels in the northern European and Scandinavian market, where 35% of revenue is export.

Why did you choose tracezilla?

We have a rapidly growing business with high expectations for the coming years. This makes it particularly important that we manage the production and logistics before it exceed our powers.

With tracezilla, we can keep track of purchasing, production, logistics and sales in one unified system that is designed for food products. At the same time, we have both organic and gluten-free production, and here it really makes a difference to have tracezilla. Many workflows become easier and the organization can focus on being customer oriented with a transparent and outgoing communication regardless of position.

Which feature matters most to you?

tracezilla basically gives us control of the entire business. But if I have to highlight a single feature, I think it is very functional that we can manage our framework agreements with customers and suppliers in a simple way and keep track of how far we are with purchasing or delivering the agreed quantities.

Morten Hingsberg, Owner, Funkisfood


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