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Musicon Mikrobryggeri

It's a gift to have a report for the organic control or the auditor with a single click

What does Musicon Mikrobryggeri do?

Musicon Microbrewery is a local brewery in Roskilde with its own beer bar. We also sell to other bars and cafes and to supermarkets and specialty shops.

In a busy day with concerts, beer tastings and corporate events, it is important to be able to focus on our business.

Why did you choose tracezilla?

We searched for an application that could ensure traceability and which could be used with our e-conomic accounting system. The integration is important to us because it minimizes human errors.

In the process of moving from conventional to organic raw materials, we had to find software that could handle our inventory, distinguishing organic and conventional goods. We searched the market and found that tracezilla could solve our challenges easily and at a reasonable price. Important factors for a newly started business.

Inventory management is key to our business. We need to have a full overview of both raw materials and finished goods in order to always be on top of the situation with our production.

Which functionality matters most to you?

I think it’s amazing that I can prepare an organic mass balance accounting for the organic control with a single click. We have quickly grown out of spreadsheets and analog folders.

The same applies when the auditor comes by. Then I can make a stock valuation report with a single click.

It must be easy to do inventory management and get a single overview. tracezilla helps us with that.

Peter Jelsted, Brewmaster and co-owner, Musicon Mikrobryggeri