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New integration makes it easy for your customers to order on mobile devices

tracezilla just got an integration for the mobile app, bravo, which makes the order flow easy and simple for your customers.

Customers in the restaurant industry in particular will benefit from the app, which makes it easy to walk around a warehouse and place the orders of the day.

When your customers place orders via the bravo app, they will be created as sales orders inside tracezilla.

In this way you avoid the hassle of typing sales orders yourself - and avoid the risk of incorrect entries.

How the app works with tracezilla

When bravo is connected to tracezilla, you can transfer the products that can be ordered via the app in a few clicks.

Your customers download the app on their phone, and via the app they can order the products in a simple flow, which makes the order easy and quick to execute.

Once the order is placed, you confirm it in tracezilla, where you just handle it like a regular sales order.

The integration is a standard integration and can be set up in a few clicks.

Contact bravo to hear more or get started right away. You can also contact tracezilla’s support team.

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