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Supplier portal in tracezilla

Do your suppliers send goods directly to your customers?

With tracezilla’s new supplier portal, your suppliers can register information on your orders that will be instantly updated in tracezilla.

The information to be updated will typically be expiry date, batch number and SSCC number.

The supplier portal is relevant when the order information must be sent digitally via EDI to your customer - and similar occassions.

How ​​the supplier portal works

The supplier gains access to the portal via a personal login.

In the portal, they will have an overview of orders that they are to deliver directly to your customers.

Order summary in supplier portal

When selecting an order, they can provide the information needed on the order.

The expiry date and batch number should registered by the supplier. If all pallets have the same traceability information, it is only necessary to insert the information once per batch.

The SSCC numbers should not be entered. SSCC-numbers can be created and assigned automatically to all pallets with the same product at once with a single click.

The number of pallets is calculated based on information entered into tracezilla. Thus, the supplier only has to enter very little information into the portal.

It is also possible to print delivery notes and GS1 pallet labels and mark the order as dispatched in the portal.

Update order via supplier portal

The module B2B Commerce is an add-on on like Tasks & Controls and Power Pack. 10 hours of onboarding assistance is included in the module.

Contact tracezilla’s support team to hear more and get started with the supplier portal!

Email: Telephone: +45 81 11 10 34

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