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Lots: All fields within the same tab

Now it is faster to create lots, because you find all the fields within one window. Previously there were two tabs.

Updated lot window



Recipes: Adjustment of raw materials in %

We have made it simple to adjust the quantity of raw materials in productions. Under the tab Recipes you can insert a percentage in the field Adjustment of raw materials and tracezilla will recalculate the units for you.

Adjustment of raw materials in recipes



Set lots in quarantine

Now you can choose Quarantined as Supply Status for a lot. This can be useful when you want to put a lot on hold for a specific time and make sure that it will not be chosen to any sales orders. Find the lot that you want to change the status for, click on Edit Inbound Order Line and choose Quarantined under Supply Status.

Set lots in quarantine


Expected quantity on Delivery Notes

When you create a delivery note for a delivery, you can choose to show the expected/ ordered quantity on delivery notes. The expected quantity will be shown in a separate column. In order to use this field, you need to activate Ordered quantity (sold) in Company Settings > Extensions. This can be relevant if your customer wishes to be able to compare the ordered and delivered quantities easily.

Ordered quantity on delivery notes

New bulk actions in Production overview

Sync Automatic Traces and Edit delivery-related dates are now available in in the Bulk actions list in the production overview. So if you need to update automatic traces on old production orders, you can do it easily by ticking the orders and clicking on Sync Automatic Traces. This way you do not need to re-open every single order in order to update automatic traces. The other bulk action Edit delivery-related dates makes it easy to change delivery and availability dates directly from the production overview.

Bulk-actions in Production overview

Power Pack: Combine data extracts

Do you use tracezillas add-on Power Pack? Then you are lucky; we have made it possible to combine data fields from several extracts with the new feature Joins.

tracezilla Power Pack joined extracts

Better control over productions with deviations

We have added a new task type in our add-on module Tasks & Controls. You can now set up a control task to appear on production orders based on specific deviation tresholds. This can be handy if you want to have a better overview/ control over the deviations. Below you find an example of how the task can be set up.

Deviation control task in tracezilla

Batch numbers in sales order exports

When you export data over sales orders in the sales order overview, the batch numbers are also included in the export. This could he helpful if your customer wants to get an overview of ordered products and batches.

Sales order export with bacth numbers

If you would want to learn more about the new features, feel free to contact tracezilla support via chat, phone or email. We are happy to guide you.

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