Few standard systems can handle sales from different VAT numbers - but tracezilla can

Bernt Petersen

CEO, Bearfish
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What does Bearfish do? 

Bearfish specialises in frozen and fresh fish and seafood from the Mediterranean Sea and the sea around the Scandinavian countries. 

We sell to smaller and larger customers in Europe and the US. Our priority is quality and sustainability.

Why did you choose tracezilla? 

In the beginning, we just needed a system that could integrate with our accounting system. But we were convinced when we realised that tracezilla could handle traceability and sales from different VAT numbers.  

There are high demands in trading fish both from authorities and customers. We need to document the fishing area, fishing gear, traceability, country of origin, etc. 

Many customers require to get certificates sent with every order, and we have to account for our sales and purchase of certified fish. 

tracezilla has all we need and they know what it takes to handle fish.

Which functionality matters most to you? 

Not many standard systems can handle differentiated VAT and sales from different VAT numbers in different countries. 

Food companies handling several VAT numbers need a reliable system for that. tracezilla does that.

Bernt Petersen, CEO, Bearfish ApS


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