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Bo Lamdahl

Sales Manager, Nautic Seafood A/S
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Nautic Seafood A/S

What does Nautic Seafood do?

Nautic Seafood buys, processes and sells fish worldwide. We are a handful of employees in the office in Denmark and have some subsidiaries in other European countries, who do processing and sales.

Why did you choose tracezilla?

Nautic Seafood has used the “precursor” of tracezilla over the last 13 years. We have been very close to the entire development process.

For us it was important to get a system designed for food companies and that suited a smaller company like ours. Other ERP systems that we looked at are either targeted at larger companies, or they cannot handle traceability and adequately track costs as is required to run a healthy food business.

The alternative would be to have a lot of Excel sheets besides the ERP system and that would be an impossible job. With tracezilla, we have the opportunity to manage the entire core business in one system and then transfer data to our accounting system via the integration.

Which functionality matters most to you?

The transparency of costs that tracezilla creates is invaluable to us. It means that we always know the costs associated with buying and selling a specific lot of fish.

We can keep track of where we make money and where we loose them. It allows us to constantly adjust and improve our business.

Bo Lamdahl Andersen, Sales Manager, Nautic Seafood A / S

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