Barcodes can be used for storing information of a product, a lot, a pallet, and more. The information lies in the barcode number, from which the barcode is generated. The barcode can then be read with a barcode scanner.

The most common barcode is GTIN-13 used for finished goods in retail. But there are many types of barcodes, as earlier mentioned, lot barcodes, pallet barcodes and more. A barcode can store information about lot number, weight, quantity, product number, etc.

You can subscribe to standard barcodes, such as GTIN-13 and more, at the organization GS1, which is a global standardization organization. Read more at

With tracezilla you can retrieve data from the barcode into the application using a barcode scanner.

You can generate parcel labels and pallet labels according to GS1 standards directly in the tracezilla application.


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