Consignment (Lot)

A lot is an limited quantity of an end product, that has the exact same properties, e.g. production batch, production date location of harvesting, catch zone, etc. The lot has a unique lot number, which follows the lot until it is sold or processed into a new product, and thereby is assigned a new lot number.

When a lot is traded, it will normally be assigned a new lot number.

When dividing a lot, new lots are created with new unique lot numbers.

A lot can have the unit colli, pcs, kg, L, etc. depending on the product.

Food companies are obligated to secure traceability of the lots traded, produced or processed by the company.

Some does not distinguish between batch and lot, which in some cases can work OK. But in most cases the two are different, why it is a good idea to separate the two from the beginning. A batch can be divided into more lots, but a lot can never contain more batches.

tracezilla is an ERP system that supports inventory and order management for food companies and more. With tracezilla you can easily keep track of your lots, and secures traceability from purchase, through production to sale.

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