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Automate your collaboration with Compass Group and save time

The company Compass Group puts sustainability at the forefront - not just on paper but also in practice. They do this to meet the customers’ and guests’ desire for increased transparency in the environmental impact and the entire life cycle of the food products.

This also means that they require their suppliers to document that the products they supply to Compass Group are sustainable and certified under relevant certification schemes including ASC, MSC, Organic food, Fair Trade, UTZ and Rain Forest Alliance.

The requirements mean that suppliers to Compass Group must document on a monthly basis which goods are certified under the various schemes, which quantities they are delivered in, where they come from and much more.

It is important that there are requirements for documentation of sustainable production and sourcing, but it is demanding for suppliers to provide adequate documentation in the right formats and on time.

Therefore, we have now developed a feature in tracezilla, that allows you to automatically generate all relevant documentation for Compass Group in the right format and send it directly with a single click.

The documentation is based on the existing master data in tracezilla and therefore does not require further setup.

In tracezilla, we 100% support these documentation requirements, which are the consumers’ guarantee that the product has been sourced and produced in accordance with the principles of the certification scheme.

At the same time, we want to make it easy to be a supplier of sustainably produced and sourced goods.

This is why we are pleased to announce this new collaboration with Compass Group, which means that we ensure an easier everyday life for the companies that supply certified goods to Compass Groups.

If you want to learn more about the integration with Compass Group, contact tracezilla’s support at

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