An invoice is an original document, to specify and document a purchase of goods and services.

The invoice specifies what is purchased, to which price, who is the supplier and customer, and also time, place and terms of payment.

An invoice must contain a consecutive invoice number in accordance to legislation.

The following must appear on an invoice:

  • Date of issue (invoice date)
  • Delivery date - if this differs from the invoice date
  • A sequential invoice number based on one or more number series, to identify the specific invoice
  • The customer’s VAT ID
  • The supplier’s name and address
  • The customer’s name and address
  • The name and quantity of the delivered goods, or the category and extend of services
  • Unit prices of goods and services (ex VAT and discounts, if not included in the unit price)
  • VAT rate
  • VAT amount


If you run a food company, it is a god idea to enter lot numbers on all documents, as a minimum on delivery notes, but preferably also on invoices, so the customer can easily see and document the lots received.

tracezilla keeps track of your lots and secures the lot numbers always appear on all relevant documents - including invoices.

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