Organic Mass Balance

Companies handling or processing organic products must keep an account of the quantities of raw material going into production, and the finished goods going out.

The purpose of keeping track of the in/out balance (also known as mass balance) is to ensure that the mass of organic finished product, as the result of a production, does not exceed the mass of raw material put into the production. This to document the in/out balance thereby preventing fraud.

The authorities do inspections of a company’s input-output balance, and compares it to accounting data and documentation.

Documentation of the input-output balance must be continuesly updated, meaning that documentation regarding purchases, sales and productions must always be up to date. The balance sheet itself must be available for the latest period - before the end of the following period. It is up to the company to determine the length of the in/out balance period, which can be between 1 month and 6 months.

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