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Morten Schwarz

Owner and Managing Director, SOWCO A/S


Denmark, Sweden & Norway
Sustainable & organic products

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What does SOWCO do?

At SOWCO we sell healthy, organic and free-from products through our web-shop, supermarked chains and special shops. Our products ranges from sustainable clothing to beverages and snacks to beauty products. We are delighted to be a certified B Corporation.

Why did you choose tracezilla?

We found tracezilla by the time we were going to produce our own organic products. We were in a need of a system that can handle organic production and  supports compliance with the requirements of the law when producing organic goods. We looked into a whole lot of administrative work with the balance report and handling certificates that we would very much like to avoid.

At the same time, we trade many brands, which makes our business complex and it requires efficient order and inventory management. tracezilla matched our needs and we are getting more and more value the longer we use the system.

Which feature matters most to you?

It was important for us to handle our organic production flows, but in addition we also value the flexibility of the application and the responsiveness of the tracezilla team regarding suggestions for new features.

tracezilla also has well-functioning integrations, like the integration to Shopify, who provides our web-shop software. The integration to Shopify makes it easy for us to manage our web-shop inventory levels. It is crucial for us to have a system that supports efficient inventory management, and so does tracezilla.


Morten Schwarz, Owner and Managing Director, SOWCO A/S


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