Inventory Management

There are more than one way to manage your inventory. Many inventory management systems are based on the order flow. This way, you don’t have to adjust your inventory manually when purchasing or selling goods. Instead you create e.g. purchase orders, which automatically puts the goods into stock, or sales orders that pulls the goods from stock.

In other words, with this type of inventory management, you create orders, which automatically adjusts your inventory. When you need to move goods, you create a warehouse order, and when moving goods to production, you create a production order.

Many software systems support order management. There are many benefits to using order management. Among other, increased transparency and less risk of error.

See how the company Læsk uses tracezilla to optimise their inventory management.

It is also an option to do simple inventory management, where you adjust your inventory manually without direct connection to an order system. A such much simpler inventory management can be maintained in an spreadsheet. However, there are encreased risks of error, and a lack of traceability, when using this method.

tracezilla is an efficient order management system for food companies. Read more about inventory and planning in tracezilla.

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