Documentation of tracezilla

Blue Water Shipping Integration

About the integration

With the Blue Water Shipping Integration, you can send your orders directly to Third Party Logistics (TPL), and receive information about the delivery status of the orders.

When creating a purchase order in tracezilla, and afterwards confirming the order, which changes the status to Order, the information will be sent directly into the Blue Water Shipping system. When Blue Water Shipping receives your goods, they have the complete information of SKUs and quantity ordered, which streamlines inspection of the received goods. In addition, lot information will be loaded automatically into tracezilla, when the order is received. The traces and Best Before-date will be added to the purchased lots as well. Read more about Traces for traceability.

When Blue Water Shipping sends the order, the order status in tracezilla will automatically change to Dispatched.


Connect and configure

  1. Click your company name in the upper right corner and select Company Settings in the drop-down menu.
  2. In the section of Extensions and integrations click Built-in Integrations.
  3. By Blue Water Shipping click Connect and configure to enter the setup the integration.
  4. Enter the Warehouse Name as received from Blue Water Shipping.
  5. Enter your Username for Blue Water Shipping.
  6. Enter the password for your Blue Water Shipping account.
  7. Enter the Owner Id. Your owner id is also assigned by Blue Water Shipping.
  8. The Warehouse Location is the Blue Water Shipping warehouse location.
  9. When all information has been entered, click Save configuration.

The General Settings on the right applies for all locations.

  1. To select a Shipping Method Tag you must have created the tag beforehand. You can simply name the tag “Shipping Method”. Read more about Tags.
  2. Under Sync Basic Data you can select Yes or No. If you select Yes, Blue Water Shipping will receive your data of SKUs, lots and traces. Simultaneously, tracezilla receives shipping methods from Blue Water Shipping. The shipping method will automatically be created as a partner location, and will assign the partner a tag.
  3. By selecting Yes under Enable this integration, the integration is activated and you can begin sending orders directly to Blue Water Shipping.
  4. Click Save configuration.


Select Forwarder Tag

Bu entering the following order setting it enables you to find partners created as shipping methods from Blue Water Shipping. The tag also works as a filter to show a list of accessible forwarders when creating an order.

  1. Click your company name in the upper right corner, and select Company Settings in the drop-down menu.
  2. In the section Advanced Settings click Orders.
  3. Click the tab General Settings.
  4. Enter the tag created when connecting and configurating the integration.
  5. Click Save.


If you experience errors

If you experience orders with status EDI error or Receipt Control this may be due to an error blocking the integration. You can locate the error by using the integration log. Read more about how to read and use the integration log here.